Fraud Chronicles Roundup – Focus on the ICIJ

This week The Fraud Chronicles Roundup focuses on the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists “Offshore Leaks” Probe.


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Facts about the ICIJ

  • The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists was founded by the Center for Public Integrity in 1997. The ICIJ’s purpose is to support watchdog journalism focusing on issues of international concern, including cross-border crime, corruption, and power accountability.
  • The ICIJ is an active global network of 160 investigative reporters from more than 60 countries, collaborating on in-depth investigative stories.
  • The ICIJ is backed by specialists in information technology, public records, fact-checking, and law from the Center for Public Integrity.
  • The ICIJ works to produce “groundbreaking multimedia reports that adhere to the highest standards of fairness and accuracy.”
  • More about the ICIJ

April, 2013: ICIJ Releases “Offshore Leaks” Data

  • Secret Files Expose Offshore’s Global Impact. (3 April 2013) The ICIJ announced the results of 86 of journalists from 46 who had “sifted through millions of leaked records and thousands of names to produce ICIJ’s investigation into offshore secrecy.” ICIJ’s cache of 2.5 million files cracked open 120,000 offshore companies and trusts, exposing the secrets of politicians, fraudsters, and the ultra-rich. The total size (in gigabytes) of leaked documents is “more than 160 times larger than the leak of U. S. State Department documents by Wikileaks in 2010.” The resulting information from the ICIJ’s investigation reveals that mingled with perfectly legal transactions, the world network of offshore investments also allows fraud, tax dodging and political corruption to thrive.

Understanding how the Offshore Leaks Database works

Canada – Offshore Leaks

China – Offshore Leaks

Global – Offshore Leaks

That completes The Fraud Chronicles roundup for this week.

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