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FraudChronicles-LogoI’m excited about the launch of TheFraudChronicles.com.

For several years I’ve been consumed with developing and coordinating Vancouver Island University’s (VIU’s) Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation Advanced Diploma, and coordinating the VIU Fraud and Ethics Research and Education Centre. While researching to build VIU’s forensics courses, I’ve realized that although the fraud is frequently in the news, there is a lack of in-depth quality fraud case information presented to show readers how fraud happens, why it happens, what to do if it happens to you, and – most important – what you and I as individuals can do to prevent fraud and corruption.

Although I’ve spent years researching fraud cases, theory, and investigations, until now I’ve been too busy writing courseware and developing fraud fighting educational programs to find the time for writing about the fascinating cases and the concepts that have helped me to increase my own understanding of the dynamics fraud and corruption. That’s all changing now!

In August of this year I retired from my full time duties as Professor at Vancouver Island University and coordinator of the University’s fraud and ethics research and education centre, to pursue my own research and writing about fraud, financial crimes, and corruption. Helping a single class of students to develop a nose for fraud and a passion for ethical pathways to fighting fraud and corruption by facilitating their experiences with true cases is tremendously rewarding. My ambition now is to share that same information much more widely, showing the human side of fraud, and telling the stories in a way that can promote understanding and strategies each of us can use to create integrity in our personal, business, and financial environments.

There’s a lot of negativity in looking at a world of fraud – but by reading and learning with understanding and learning practical strategies, we can use existing fraud and corruption as a tool of knowledge for a more ethical, robust and efficient world.

TheFraudChronicles.com is currently under construction, but feel free to explore the site while we tweak, dust, and polish the details. Check out the fraud case database tag cloud – instructions for using the database are coming soon! I hope to be fully up and running by the end of October.

Fighting Fraud with Information

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Integrity and information – the best weapons against fraud and corruption
V. G. Oltmann, MBA, CPA, CGA, CFI