Jim Can disputes Belize tax scheme allegations – CBC News

The Canadian businessman wanted as part of a giant U.S. investigation involving stock , and money laundering in Belize says in an email to CBC News that he wants to tell his “full true story … that will shock the world.”

“Jim Can was raised in Germany, where he received most of his formal education, acquiring an MBA from the Goethe Business School in Frankfurt,” says an online profile about Can.

According to CBC News inquiries, the Goethe Business School in Frankfurt has no record of a Jim Can — or Cem Can, as he’s also known — graduating from the school.

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Can’s controversial past in Canada includes allegations he was involved in the armed kidnapping of a Calgary businessman by two Hells Angels associates in an alleged extortion case.

Allegations against Can include an alleged fraud scheme involving Bluforest stock, a lawsuit against Can launched by California Whistleblower George Sharp, and a countersuit filed against Sharp by Jim Can in Florida. CBC News has discovered 10 alleged Canadian victims of this scheme.

For more information and background about Jim Can, see CBC News article Jim Can, wanted in Belize tax scheme, disputes allegations: Canadian businessman wanted by the FBI contacts CBC (9 Oct, 2014)


Author: V. G. Oltmann

V. G. Oltmann, MBA, CPA, CGA, CFI - Professor, Vancouver Island University 2002 - 2013 - Board Member, Association of Certified Forensic Investigators of Canada (ACFI): 2010-2013 - LinkedIn Profile: http://ca.linkedin.com/in/vgoltmann/

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