Fraud Chronicles Videos

1. Lying for Profit

Fraud isn’t new – its history in law goes back at least 37 centuries to King Hammurabi of Babylon.The truth is, fraud and corruption have always been rampant.

From Hammurabi of Babylon, through the Roman Empire, to 21st Century Wine Frauds …

2. The Evolution of Ponzi Schemes

Learn about the Evolution of the Ponzi Scheme, with illustrations from three notorious investment frauds from the last 150 years.- Dona Baldomera Lara, William “520%” Miller, and Charles Ponzi.

3. Madoff, King of Ponzi

Learn about the inner workings of Ponzi schemes from the largest Ponzi scheme in history. Bernard L. Madoff defrauded investors of from $20 to $70 Billion (estimates differ based on whether you count the nonexistent “earnings” on this fictitious hedge fund.)

No matter whose numbers you take, Madoff could not have pulled off this massive fraud without the help of both enablers and collaborators.

4. Developing a Nose for Fraud

You can develop a nose for fraud by learning about real frauds, and fraudsters.

Learn about the bookkeeper who defrauded a small town hockey team of almost a million dollars over a 9 year period. The small town credit union manager whose $1.8 million fraud pushed the credit union into bankruptcy. The 42 year-old man who defrauded approximately 100 elderly seniors out of  a quarter of a million dollars by playing the part of a grandchild in distress.

5. Believing in Liars

Learn about the tricks fraudsters use to “earn” their victims’ trust. Trusting Bernard Madoff, the Wall Street icon who shocked the world when he confessed to running the world’s largest Ponzi scheme. Trusting Earl Jones, who taught his victims financial management, then defrauded them. Coming up next in the Fraud Decoded Series, Trusting William 520% Miller.

6. Trusting William 520% Miller

Learn why firemen, shopkeepers, police and sophisticated investors trusted a 21 year old Brooklyn bible studies teacher in 1899 when he claimed insider contacts on Wall Street.

Vanessa Oltmann explores the trust fraudsters gave Miller, and how after defrauding almost a million dollars from investors across the U. S. A. and parts of Canada, Miller himself was scammed by the fraudster he trusted.