Fraud, AKA Lying for Profit (animated whiteboard Video Series)

Updated 11 Jan 2016

Some time back I decided to create and release a 15 minute video for each chapter in my work-in-progress, Fraud Decoded. I’m pleased to announce that I’ve released the first 4 video series, Lying for Profit.

Plan A: 20th Century Style
After recording the audio and video from my computer while delivering a PowerPoint lecture, I decided the result was too old-fashioned for my taste. I wanted my videos to have a more engaging, informal style.

Plan B: Whiteboard Videos.
Thanks to the people at I found VideoScribe and began creating whiteboard videos. I’ve been satisfying my inner geek (there’s definitely a learning curve) while sharing my exploration of the truths that underly human behavior.

The Truth about Fraud (Lying for Profit, Part 1, YouTube)
The Truth about Fraud (Lying for Profit, Part 1, YouTube)

As a post-secondary educator I’ve always seen my role as facilitation, putting people in touch with the insights and best practices of innovative researchers and practitioners in fraud, corruption, criminology, and behavioral economics. I believe that a real understanding of ethics and corruption is essential to developing transparent, ethical relationships in our social networks, organizations, cultures, and nations.

The Evolution of Ponzi Schemes (Lying for Profit, #2)
The Evolution of Ponzi Schemes (Lying for Profit, Part 2, YouTube)

Using short whiteboard videos I’m loving the way I can isolate individual topics from my chapters and present them in a YouTube series. Each topic could be expanded into a book, and I’m keeping a list of the topics most worthy of future expansion in their own video series. Bernard L Madoff’s Ponzi fraud is certainly one of those topics. It’s a particularly fascinating one to explore because so much information has become available in the 7 years since Bernie Madoff confessed.     

Madoff, King of Ponzi (Lying for Profit, Part 3)
Madoff, King of Ponzi (Lying for Profit, Part 3, YouTube)

I released the first 3 short videos of the Lying for Profit series, and today (Jan 11, 2016) released Developing a Nose for Fraud, which is the final video in the Lying for Profit series.

My next project is to create and publish a 4-video series of  From Trust to Trickery, Chapter 2 of my Fraud Decoded work-in-progress.

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Author: V. G. Oltmann

V. G. Oltmann, MBA, CPA, CGA, CFI - Professor, Vancouver Island University 2002 - 2013 - Board Member, Association of Certified Forensic Investigators of Canada (ACFI): 2010-2013 - LinkedIn Profile:

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